What to think about when choosing a new toothbrush

Here is something to think about when it comes to choosing your new toothbrush. First of all it’s the toothbrush itself.  Bamboo is a great material and one of the best choices for the environment. Bamboo grows really fast and is a renewable resource and requires no chemicals, pesticides or fertilizer to grow and thrive. Bamboo contains “Bamboo Kun” which naturally makes Bamboo anti- bacterial. 

By choosing to buy a more sustainable product you are not only making a good choice for the toothbrush itself, but also how it's packed and manufactured. For instance buying a plastic toothbrush comes with plastic packaging - covers, bags etc. Often when buying a bamboo toothbrush it comes in recyclable packaging with minimal or no  plastic needed, bamboo cases etc. So when it comes down to it: It’s just not about one single toothbrush it’s about one toothbrush and everything with it. 

When we make a one better decision it will come with many more good decisions without us taking it and the same goes the other way around.