“Our favorite brand when it

comes to dental health”

- Jacob Fumerola, Happy Eco Customer

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Works great!

I used a similar product sold at Target but they were a little short. These have a longer handle and all of them I have used have held up very well. I actually bought through Target but was annoyed the seller wrapped the product in plastic! Grrrr.


Corn Starch Floss Picks

lydie thomas
Love them

I am very happy to have found eco-friendly floss picks. They are so much easier to use than regular floss. And I love the message behind the brand!

Jonette Shurden
Just what I've been looking for!

I've been frustrated with how frequently my low-waste string floss breaks (my back teeth are really tight) & disappointed because I couldn't find a non-plastic floss pick alternative.. until now. So grateful these exist - they are exactly what I've been looking for.

Joseph Wilson
The Real Deal

I floss every day, sometimes multiple times, because I’m one of those lucky folks with gaps big enough to park a Cadillac in. I always felt a small pang of guilt using the plastic Costco picks, so I tried a couple of zero plastic alternatives. Unfortunately they were never robust enough to get the job done, and I would end up with floss stuck in between my teeth. Enter Happy Eco. A friend recommended them as “the real deal” and he was completely correct. Now I can floss guilt free and know that I’m doing one more small thing for the future. Thank you, Happy Eco!