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Customer Reviews

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Angel Young

This him is so good, and it tastes amazing. My family loves it

No Plastics!

I'm thrilled to find a no-plastic base gum! This is a surprisingly delicious gum. I had no problem with it sticking to my teeth whatsoever. The texture works and the flavor lasts a long time. I'm interested to find out more about what is used instead, but there is nothing listed in the ingredients.

Best natural base gum

I have now chewed hundreds of packs of this gum. The natural base actually holds together very well. I very rarely have pieces dissolve in my mouth, even if I chew on them for hours. If a piece does dissolve it seems like maybe it has to do with eating certain foods beforehand. The flavor is strong at first so it works well to immediately freshen breath. As others have said, the flavor dissipates quickly but that is to be expected with a natural gum base. Overall if you're looking for a gum with natural ingredients, including the gum base, this is by far the best option I have found.

A bit Sticky to teeth

Flavor fine. Soft and sticky to teeth.Update 7/14/23: This responsible seller contacted me to provide a refund, which I declined because I do like the gum. It may be a little sticky on MY teeth, but it doesn’t actually get stuck in my teeth. I want to be clear about that. I added back a star due to the seller being so responsible and caring. I switched to this gum from another due to mouth sores forming from the other. This one did not hurt my mouth. Again…good fresh taste.

Excellent flavor and it lasts

It's the first natural gum I've liked - the flavor stays for a long time and it doesn't stick to my teeth or get too hard to chew. I will definitely buy this again.

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