Can I buy your products in a store?
Are your products animal tested, or do they contain any harmful ingredients?
What is the cost of shipping, and why?
Where do you produce your products?
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What material is used for the floss pick thread?
What are your floss picks made of?
Is it possible to reuse my floss picks?
How do I best use the floss picks?
Which varieties of floss picks are available in your selection?
What is the best way to dispose of the floss picks?
What exactly is xylitol, and what's its purpose in your chewing gum?
Is your chewing gum plastic-free?
Is your chewing gum gentle to my teeth?
What materials are used for the chewing gum packaging, and how can I properly recycle it?
Is your tablets suitable for individuals with sensitive teeth?
When does your tablets expire?
What materials are used for the packaging?